Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pink and Red Gouache Painted Pages

Some final Valentine journal play.  Valentines weekend is coming to a close but I am still feeling the love. As in December when I have grandiose crafting expectations that are never met, so is the Valentine season for me. So, here are some remnants.  Gouache painted pages and stamping with dye ink. Oh my, how I do love stamping and painting with gouache.
It started out looking like this. 
I painted the pages with red and pink gouache and was in no way concerned about the direction of the paint or the strokes of the brush. I knew I was going to alter it. When it was dry I added stamped some hearts and swirls to give it a valentine feel.
Feeling the love..........stamping love  ;D 

When I was done this above turned into this below. It is a subtle difference but it does soften the whole page. 
I did this by moving a wet brush around the painted surface and avoided the stamped areas. This gave the layout a blended look and the pages are less frenetic.
I like the swirly vines hanging down and the floating hearts. Next I will write my personal feelings about love. I hope you found some special time for whoever and whatever you love this weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by and one more thing I love..... comments and followers.  :)
Oh.......and, if you didn't see my video last week showing some Valentine books I made a few years ago...then click here to see it now.

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