Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Designing Stamped Cards

It always starts with a hand carved stamp, here is my latest.
I have been wanting to carve this butterfly for awhile.
I recently submitted a collection of hand stamped cards for a local donation/auction. Here is what I offered.
These two zinnia sets are available in my Etsy shop
 and here
Also included in the donation are two sets of manila hang tags to match the zinnias above and a hand carved stamp mounted on wood of the flowers below. I thank anyone visiting from the auction site for stopping by and getting a better look. 

I stamped out these little cuties in the process just for fun on pale blue scalloped panels.
Below are my homemade pigment inks pads I make using Ranger Cut N Dry, foam. I store them in a drawer and don't cover them up. 
They stay wet for a long time. If they do dry up I always have my refills...
Ink pads are useless for any good amount of stamping without a refill bottle, so I try to keep them well stocked. But when I find out one of my favorite colors has been discontinued....well it makes me sad and I have to resort to mixing my own colors....but that is for another day. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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