Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Latest Article in Art Journaling Magazine by #Somersetstudio

I am so very happy to announce my latest article in Art Journaling Magazine by Somerset Studio called Twice Upcycled. This is about a journal I created from my art table scraps where I used some upcycled inventory paper as my blotter pad for many years of creating. Of course, I saved those papers and made a pretty nifty little art collage journal. The journal turned out to be thirty pages plus a front and back cover. Clearly, the magazine couldn't publish all thirty pages so I will share with you the journal in detail here on my blog. I will start with a few images and add more within the next month, so be sure to check back or click the follow along button on the right. I want to apologize if my page is loading slowly. I believe it is a glitch with Flickr. I have been using Flickr to post my images here because I felt the quality was better. However, lately the images have been loading very slowly and it is very frustrating to load a page. So for now, I am going back to loading the images right onto my blog.  Thanks for your understanding and patience. I will get it worked out. Now let's take a look at my Twice Upcycled Journal.....  Here is the front cover. These next two pages are the full sheets before they were bound into a book.
Here they are after binding.When building a book and two folded pages come together to magically create a visual story that is unique and takes on a life of its own. Here are a few up close shots.

Thanks so much to Art Journaling, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to contribute to this very rich edition of their magazine. Please go buy it here..... you will certainly be glad you did.Check back for more images of this cool art journal later in the week. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. enjoyed your article in art journaling. Everything seemed so familiar - that's me! Liked your phrase "Clutter is the much-deserved vice of a mixed-media collage artist". I recently got a sewing machine and look forward to sewing paper! "Liked" your Etsy site.". {:-Deb

  2. This is a really good post. Enjoyed it a lot. My field of interest includes mixed media too. One can create many simple yet beautiful projects from it. Check out these dolls stencils which I found quite recently.


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