Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Envelope Art

Well it has been awhile since I played with stamping envelopes. I was asked by a friend to donate a set to a PTO fundraiser. It got me going in many different directions. I have always wanted to make many, many more. Below is the set I gave to the donation. 

And while I was at it I stamped a set for a male friend's birthday. I think they look masculine enough.

And this one was really a bit funky. It has an interesting pattern movement. I don't use this stamp often....time to change that.

And an experiment with a pink pastel stamped butterfly. Oh, a whole series of these would be lovely in different colors. 
Here is my crow in the another flower field, I chose to really pack in the detail, so.......
I added more stamping.
And the following three sets were part of the Mother's Day gift I sent to my Mom. I really love the purple flowers.

And while we're at it here are some stamped manila envelope mailers. 
Check out my Flickr album with many more decorated envelopes. Below are some images from the collaged envelopes of mine that appeared in Jane Davies' book Collage Journeys.
 Definitely more than just stamped.

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  1. Hi Autumn, thanks so much for sharing your production!
    Very inspiring.
    It is stunning how you accomplish so much with so little (envelopes!!)
    Thanks again!!

  2. Gorgeous! Wow!! I have been carving a bit lately, but whoa, you ROCK! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift set for your mom, too. She must have been so touched. Best to you, Autumn, kath

  3. Thanks Kathy and Lucia, as always, your comments me SO much to me! I appreciate you taking the time to post a comment.


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