Thursday, November 6, 2014

Black & White with Gouache On Top

I adore my Moleskine sketchbook and here is another adventure in my current one.
Start with black stamping, stenciling and doodling. The butterfly was a cut out of clip art.
My favorite paint. #GouacheLove
The whole page covered now wait for it to dry.
Next an encounter with my trusty waterbrush, can I just say.....I've had this one for about 12 years. It truly is a remarkable tool.
Waterbrush used in various places and then a tissue to soak up and remove the paint.

The lovely tissue in the aftermath....I seriously considered collaging with them but then I got control of myself.
Add some colorful paint accents.
Black and white scribbling.......
Now the Instagram picture.  Which you can follow me here...thank you very much...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you were inspired.

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