Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hand Carved Stamps, Tiny Stamps Post No. 2

After my last blog I knew I had more Tiny Stamps to share, besides when you title a post with No.1 you must deliver a No.2 

Okay, and I was thinking possibly a No.3

But when I got to stamping, well let's just say that I stopped stamping full pages after I finished No.5. 

Yes, I had more stamps left over, probably about another page worth. I was satisfied with my pages and I was just plum done.

Here for you today, because you stopped by is

Tiny Stamps

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Stay tuned for the Tiny Stamps Post No.3-5


  1. LOVE these... and the squirrel is adorable!

  2. Just love these - wonderful can imagine journaling with these ! What fun!


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