Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hand Carved Stamps Tiny Stamps Post No.1

It might be a bit obvious to those who have been visiting here for awhile that I do like to utilize all of the rubber from any sheet I ever carve from. Maybe it's the culinary training and years in food service that I have the 'waste not, want not' consciousness. Being convinced to throw away or let go down the drain as little product as possible. It's called getting a high yield from your goods. So I guess that carries over into my art making world as well.

After transferring my image from tracing paper onto the rubber in the best fitting space, I cut it away from the larger piece. 

There are always scraps from this process and hold on to all the bits and pieces from the rubber I cut away.

Then I transform them into tiny stamps.

This is simply a sampling.

Some get mounted on wood, some get mounted on thick foam, some get mounted on cork and some stay unmounted. 

I think they are so much better looking on paper than as a stamp, but that's just me.

Look at this little unmounted guy, even though it's little it still can make a great impression. Forgive the pun.

So now since this post is titled Tiny Stamps Post No.1 , I guess that means I have to publish a Post No.2.

Thanks for stopping by and check back for more of my Tiny Stamps 


  1. Wonderful stamps... it just goes to show what you can do with "leftovers" when you have a vision.

  2. You know I am a fan of your work and that means all your stamps. You are so good at it. I always eat my leftovers.. LOL. Sharing.


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