Tuesday, January 26, 2016

MATS 2016

   Make Art That Sells

Well I've been wanting to do this since it began a few years ago.
Now, I am so excited to finally be taking this online course by Lilla Rogers. 
It started yesterday and I can say, I am going to love it. 
Last week we were given
five daily min prep assignments.
Day one was a color hunt.
This is the first one that I threw together, then I was 
completely thrilled and honored when Lilla Rogers gave me a shout out
on Periscope about it!!!
The pink definitely reminds me of the Pantone color of the year; pink quartz.
Below are two more.


Second day assignment was to show some lamps that inspire.  This is a twinkle lamp shade 
I created a few years ago.  Too labor intensive to make a whole strand.
These here I saw in a Cracker Barrel, fun.
Third day was show a collection.  Well I certainly have
a collection of wool.
Some if it in yardage and some in strips ready to hook.
The no brain-er collection that I have is hand carved stamps.
You know I have more than these.
The fourth day was to describe and draw your dream
Tree House.

 I once lived in a tree house because I'm a lucky girl and that's what people say about me too. The style was bohemian/Victorian/cottage. I furnished it with a 'thatched roof, many windows, a studio, super comfy furniture, warm wool rugs, a decorative wrap-around porch, twinkle lights and a purple hammock for two.'

The fifth day was show textures.

Well, now I am nice and warmed up and ready to go.
There really is more to see on my Flickr and Instagram....you really should follow me there.
If you're interested follow the MATS links above, there are all kinds of cool videos to watch for FREE!
 Nice, right?
Thanks for stopping by.
There is certainly more to come with this exciting journey I'm on....

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