Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Altoid Tins and Angelina Fibers

My collecting little boxes and containers has gotten to be a bit of growing issue.  The collection keeps growing is one issue itself and finding things to do with them is another issue.  But I decided to play with some fiber treatments around Valentine's Day (I know....I am a slow poster!) on some Altoid tins.

It came about because different artist friends were sharing their supplies with me and it sparked me into a creative direction that I was quite pleased with.  First of all, my friend Jane Davies sent me some Angelina Fibers to play with. I knew of them a bit in the past but the manufacturer has really expanded the line of colors.  They come as loose iridescent fibers and you have to iron them briefly in between two layers of paper or a teflon sheet and they fuse to themselves.....not to anything else.  The iridescent aspect of it fibers change colors and if you heat it too long, the iridescence gets dark and looses the multi-color effect. Then you have a sheet of fused, non-woven, shimmery fabric.  Ahhhhh.....what to do?

Well, time to pull out some of those stashed boxes for some experimenting.  First I made a tin cover starting with a small piece of felt (which I cut to fit the lid), and some very small scraps of Kaffe Fasset Fabric I had that I love so much I couldn't bear to throw away.  I pieced them with some Angelina Fiber onto of the felt top and stitched them all into place and zigzagged around the edges.  I used Tacky glue to adhere to the box top.  I wanted to cover the edge of the lid with the AF but knew any adhesive would dull the shimmery effect.  So after cutting a strip of the AF to fit around the side of the lid, I adhered it with Judi-kins Diamond Glaze.  I knew the glossy aspect of the adhesive would allow the iridescence to stay after the glue dried.... it worked perfectly. I attached a piece of felt on the bottom of the box and Ta-Daa! A cool little box perfect for a Valentine's gift for my husband, even if it is still sitting on a side table in my kitchen as I write this.....I still think it rocks.

I had just gone to my Hook-in, a monthly get together of my Hooker friends.....Yes, we Rug Hookers call ourselves "Hookers" it is a common term, laugh amongst yourselves. I was telling some of the gals about how my Mother-in-Law was visiting and wanting to learn how to needle felt.  Well, two of them generously shared their needles and supplies for me to take and use.  It was the perfect opportunity to reciprocate with a needle felted  Altoid tin for each of them.  They are the perfect size to hold the needles. 
Needle felting, embroidery, beads and Angelina Fibers all contributed to my little darling creations.  The hounds tooth one has AF simply stitched around the edge of the flower patch. The blue one has a piece of AF placed right on top of the felt and then I needle felted ontop of the AF!  I was surprised that the needle felting worked right on top of the AF, but you can see the area around the flowers where there is no needle felting, I secured that area with several random stitches of floss.
Thanks to my artist friend for fueling my creative fires. 
FUN!    CUTE! (yes, I do love cute....)   and   USEFUL.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stamp Carving Class

I am so happy to announce that I will be teaching my Stamp Carving Class at Ink About It in Westford, Mass on Saturday, May 8th from 11:00-4:00.  This will be a new adventure for many of you experienced stampers.  If you have tossed around the idea of learning this technique so that you may create your own original stamps, well, this is the time! 
I find carving my own images relaxing and quite addictive.  Please join me for this fun and very interesting  class.  You will surprise yourself.  I hope to see you there. You can email me any questions.
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