Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Legally Impressed New to my Etsy Shop

Stamping on envelopes has been something I have enjoyed doing for years.  With all the stamps I have carved. I decided it was time to bring some boring legal envelopes to life and offer them in my Etsy shop.
Sending snazzy envelopes is so much fun.  And trust me, the recipients are always pleased to get something colorful in their mailbox.
I use pigment inks mostly from Color Box and a few from Brilliance. I like the clear, vivid color pigment ink gives to all the impressions. I also save money by using Cut N Dry foam pads. I only buy reinkers and use them on the cut up pads. I even mix my own colors. And since it takes a lot for them to dry out, I don't worry about keeping them covered.
This is my blotter pad.  I go through many pages of blotting.  Using a discraded pile of old leger print-out paper from a friend's office has been a terrific way to repurpose.Let me know what you think of my new line, and tell your friends and family to take a look too.  They make clever little gifts.  I will be adding many more Legally Impressed sets to my Etsy shop. So check back again.   

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Banner

I love looking at what other artist and crafters do on their blogs, websites and Etsy, with their banners. Many Etsians even sell banners in their shops. Very Cool. There are so many beautiful, eye-catching banners that are works of art themselves. Whether they are digitally created, photographs, orginal art imagary or a combination of all of the above, most are all unique and interesting to see.

 A few weeks ago I was playing with my carved stamps and stamped out a design with this stamp. I loved how the stamp had different colorations on it from the different inks I had used.  I shot a picture of it to show you its own beauty.
As I was working to create patterned backgrounds,  I came up with  one in my sketchbook, a new very affordable sketchbook, which I got at AC Moore. And let me just say, "I love it" because the paper is super smooth and perfect for stamping. Many sketchbooks have a rough surface  (tooth) which is more suitable for drawing with pencil, charcoal and pen.
I think I was drawn to it because it said Recycled and  then noticed the $5.00 price and when I opened it and felt the paper, I was hooked!  So, as I played around with this stamp I came up with this pattern. Then I scanned it and monkeyed around  in Photoshop with the image and decided to create a banner.   One of these days I am going to upgrade my Photoshop, I use Elements 2.0, it almost sounds laughable.  When I think how old this program is I think about upgrading.  But for now it works for my basic needs and I am grateful to have it.

Peace out.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cold Weather is Perfect for Rug Hooking

I have been inspired to pull out an old large rug that I started over five years ago, this 'Antique Rose Runner', designed by Primitive Spirit. With so many mediums of art crafting that I love to work in, I often find myself ignoring one particular subject. And in recent months it has been rug hooking. For no particular reason, I have just not been motivated to pick up my hook and frame and delve into my piles of wool. I have made smaller items, but larger projects have not appealed to me. That was until my family and I vacationed in Kennebunkport, Maine this past month. I heard about Camp Wool from my friends that I meet with once a month, at our Hook-In. The gals had talked about this store before, but had no idea how glorious it would be. And to my surprise their new location in Kennebunkport turned out to be right across from where we were staying.
This store is large, bright, colorful and filled to the brim with the most yummy colors of hand dyed wools, a huge selection bolts of mill wools, patterns from every designer, threads, dyes, books, tools, a room just for punch needle and of course, an inspiring display of finished rugs. All sitting amongst charming and useful antiques to help display these fabulous goods. There is a Coats and Clark antique thread drawer that houses countless spools of Valdani variegated threads and other hand dyed floss and pearl cotton in the back of the store, that is not to be missed.
Camp Wool's owner is LeAnn Hodgson and her talent for creating a store like this will undoubtedly bring all Hookers from the east coast to this destination location. If you are from other parts of the country and you visit the Northeast, this shop needs to be one your itinerary. No, there is no website. and when you arrive here you know why. Creating a store like this is more than a full time job. There are classes and retreats, so here is the phone number and email so you can get on their mailing list.
866-938-WOOL, cottagesheep@roadrunner.com. Thanks LeAnn for opening your closed doors to let my Mother-in-law and I in to get this picture.
Also in Kennebunkport is the charming Crow Hill Primitives., checkout her website. This homespun shop is run by Sharon and her daughter Alicia. (I couldn't get my daughter to rug hook for the life of me!)
This is a call 'ahead shop' because it is located in her house. She has a small room packed floor to ceiling with so many hand dyed and mill dyed wools, all neatly stacked and organized by color. She had such rich, luscious colors I couldn't resist. I ended up with these three brights that look like primary colors. But, let me tell you that the 'blue' one, is really a vibrant royal purple that I just couldn't get true for these images, no matter how much I "Photoshopped" them. Trust me it is gorgeous! And I also got this ivory check that I just know is going to hook-up into a fun speckled pattern.
Sharon was so nice when I returned to pick up a pattern I had ordered. I arrived towing along my 13 year old son, who kept himself busy chasing her rooster (Roostie, who has a rug pattern fashioned after him!) and the hens in the front yard while we chatted. She even gave us a few eggs. Very fun.
Well, here I am rejuvenated and inspired by wool and the wonderful wool community in Kennebunkport, Maine. I didn't even get a chance to mention Joan Moshimer's studio, so this is my shout out to her.
Ah, the ideas. Now, let's just hope I can finish this runner before the next five years.
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