Thursday, September 4, 2014

Robins Egg Blue and Peony Wedding Notes

 It seems like all year long is Bridal season. If you are a Bride to be than I am positive you are in the planning stages all year long, or if you are getting married in a few months then you are in super planning mode. Here I show two stylishly simple card sets that you could make to add to your suite of paper needs. 
These could be used by the bride for Thank you notes, special messages or gift enclosures.
Or you could stamp out a set of these A2 size with stamped envelopes (of course... I always stamp envelopes), tie them up with pretty ribbon and give as a handmade gift to your Bridal party.
Above, I used VersaMagic Spring Peony chalk ink and below I used Colorbox Robins Egg pigment ink. 
But in order to create your own set of these sweet card designs, you will definitely need my sheet of rubber stamps. Available in my Etsy shop.
See it here.
Okay, so your not a future Bride, well than please feel free to share (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) with anyone you know who is. Or you could make my day by just clicking the  Favorite heart in my shop. 
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer's End

Here we are at the end of summer. Yes, rhymes with bummer, however there is still much left to enjoy. Like sunshine, creative time, real flowers and stamping flowers.
My hand carved posey stamp here is stamped on watercolor paper using markers.
 I can't even bare to waste a partially inked stamp so I make another impression. After the first impression I stamped a second one in my sketchbook. I do enjoy the feel of this faded or muted look. 

Grab some extra time for yourself these last days of Summer and create something that makes you happy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Published - Online and in Print

Happy Summer !!!!
Well it's here and no one better be complaining about the heat, especially after that brutal winter we endured here in New England. With this warm weather I have been eating a lot of Gazpacho. It is so refreshing, satisfying and yes, healthy. This inspired me to create my first illustrated recipe and submit it to the They Draw and Cook. Guess what? They published it! 
This very cool site shares artist's and illustrator's artwork of their favorite recipes. If you love to cook or simply enjoy looking through cookbooks for ideas this site is for you. Don't forget to check out their sister site They Draw and Travel 
With my new carved pepper, tomato, garlic, citrus, bottle and onion stamps, no doubt I will be starting some more recipes, which will require more stamps to carve. That's fine by me.

Also I wanted to share some more of my pieces recently published by Stampington & Co. 
My first appearance in Art Quilting Studio, Summer 2014 where they featured my art quilt with a hooked wool design in the center. Home Sweet Home, yeah I know not a very original name but it certainly goes with this charming piece.

Next, I have a feature about stamping on gouache in 
The Stampers' Sampler
If you have been a regular visitor here you know gouache is my favorite paint in my journals and other projects. 
Stampers' even gave it a heading on the cover. I like this cover the colors are great. 

If you are looking for some true inspiration for your summertime art making, go pick up your own copies of Stampers' Sampler and Art Quilting Studio on the newsstands today.
Stamping, illustration, quilting, rug hooking and painting...just covering all the bases for my love of creating with different mediums.
Thanks for stopping by and thank you Stampington. 
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Anniversary Stampers' Sampler

Well, it has been on the newsstands for a few months now. But, with the beginning of July I wanted to take this last opportunity to wish a Happy Anniversary to The Stampers' Sampler magazine, a true inspiration to all of us stampers for the last twenty years. 
If you happened to miss it....The Stampers' Sampler celebrated their 20th anniversary of delivering inspired and creatively rich volumes for two decades. All of us stampers, beginners or experienced impression makers have enjoyed seeing what Stampers' Sampler has brought to our awareness for so many years. With this issue I am beyond delighted to have my anniversary card published in this milestone issue.  
Not only am I so very thrilled to be on the same page as Lynne Perrella, (yes, you need to go see her work) I was placed on the spread with the letter from the innovative Kellene Giloff, Stampington and Company Founder and President. I hope you know what masterpiece publications she has produced. If not...please go here.

Now this was a collage card I created and the background I used my own hand carved stamps but that classic bird image stamped in black on the front left was from a set of stamps we all recognize by Cavallini, the Bird and Nest set of rubber stamps.......*sigh, yes they are lovely.
Does this look familiar to you stampers???  I thought so. This great set of stamps ( btw, Cavallini has many) are wood mounted and have a vintage feel, yet they are modern classics.
Modern classic is exactly what Stampington & Company has created with their creative leading edge publications. So Happy Anniversary Stampers' Sampler you have blazed quite the remarkable paper arts trail. So many of us crafters and creators have immense gratitude for what you have supremely delivered to us for the last two decades.  Well done, I look forward to many years of your inspired publications to come.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

#ArtJournalPages from the Past

Alright, so I probably don't  exercise tremendous grammatical skill when I title a post beginning with a hashtag. So consider this a drive-by post if you will. You know? Very carefree and casual. This morning in my studio working on a product idea I passed these pages in one of my art journals and they caught my eye.

Thought I'd share. A glance at a colorful page that made me smile.

The next pages Are in a finished journal and although they aren't filled with the words I had anticipated I consider then complete. 

This one may get some words some day....I am tempted by the little blackboard spot on the bottom and the circles...okay never mind. Back to work. 
Have a great day.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Envelope Art

Well it has been awhile since I played with stamping envelopes. I was asked by a friend to donate a set to a PTO fundraiser. It got me going in many different directions. I have always wanted to make many, many more. Below is the set I gave to the donation. 

And while I was at it I stamped a set for a male friend's birthday. I think they look masculine enough.

And this one was really a bit funky. It has an interesting pattern movement. I don't use this stamp often....time to change that.

And an experiment with a pink pastel stamped butterfly. Oh, a whole series of these would be lovely in different colors. 
Here is my crow in the another flower field, I chose to really pack in the detail, so.......
I added more stamping.
And the following three sets were part of the Mother's Day gift I sent to my Mom. I really love the purple flowers.

And while we're at it here are some stamped manila envelope mailers. 
Check out my Flickr album with many more decorated envelopes. Below are some images from the collaged envelopes of mine that appeared in Jane Davies' book Collage Journeys.
 Definitely more than just stamped.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

It seems appropriate on Earth Day to post more pictures of my Twice Upcycled art journal. Besides, I did promise. 
My article in Art Journaling Magazine, Spring 2014....on news stands now. Pick up a copy.
 I show how I took some old print out paper, upcycled them into protective paper on my art table and then when they were full, I upcycled them into an art journal.
It turned out rather messy and cool.

Of course stitching is always an interesting way to attach paper to paper.

This bottom picture shows a simple sketch of a circle with a heart inside which I then carved, see it?
You can also see it in this post here.
I will post even more pictures of this journal here again so be sure to check back.
Have a great day, and go do something nice and green for our gorgeous planet Earth today...and everyday.

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