Friday, May 1, 2015

100 Days of Scribble Samp Collage

Alright, I'm doing it. I starting May off with a 100 Days of Scribble Stamp Collage.

 Ingredients are:
*My journal (any that I am working out of these days)
*Scribbles, from my pen(s) or paint (gouache)
*Stamping (probably my hand carved stamps)
Collage of some sort on the page, this has many options.

Let's see what happens...

Day one

yes, I Instagram'd this yesterday and IG is probably going to be

 the avenue my pictures will be delivered.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines 2015

Xoxo ... Here we are welcoming Valentine's Day 2015.
Uploaded these images from my i-phone and had a heck of a time trying to move them around here in Blogger. :/
So they are in a random order, but I am sure it will be clear what these images are.
My sketchbook play in my new Toned Tan sketchbook which I am so much enjoying.
Some new stamps I carved...and, well just take a look  .  .  .  

Stamped in my new sketchbook with gouache.
Below a newly carved stamp.

You can see I used a rubber that was color layered. I bought on Etsy. 

I carved this envelope and its companion stamp.

I like to get a shot of the stamp before it is stamped for the first time.


Finished off with some hand drawn doodles. 

This was the starting point. Instagram followers saw many of these first, plus a few extra...  ;D
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I have been quite throughout the holidays and the start of the new year. Enjoying my family life, as it should be. Hope you all had a chance to do the same. 

I had a good couple of weeks getting in touch my inner self.
As always, I have been steadily in the studio....trying to clean it out lately (in progress) :/
But for now this my word of the week. 
It relates to everything in my life and it feels good to just chill out. 
Did this page to remind me in the future this state of being, and what I was doing in my life to helped that.  
Next is an art journal page from this month, you would have seen this first picture on my Instagram if you follow me there.
*hint hint....
I carved this January stamp last year. Then I took the two pages farther. I like how they turned out.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Art for my Mom

My Mom was visiting me around Thanksgiving and the first part of December.  She wanted some art to take back to Dallas with her. It gave me a chance to play with no restrictions.  After all it was for my Mom, I knew she'd love anything I made. ;)
Here is one of the pieces. Here is one of the mixed media pieces I painted and stamped.
Using gouache, hand carved stamps, inks (dye, pigment and chalk), pen, masking fluid and one small strip of tape. 

It's always so tricky to know when to stop. This is 11x14 on Bristol, smooth.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Stamp Kit

As I said in the previous post, here is the full story on my clever, useful and oh so adorable, hand carved stamp kit that appears in the current issue of Somerset Holidays and Celebrations.
I designed two stamp kits that fit in decorated Altoid tins.  What?????

 One was featured in the magazine the other was not.  
But here,
 you get to see both!

The one featured, Happy Holidays holds seven stamps!
The other set Let It Snow has four stamps made using wine corks. 
Upcycled tin and corks....clever.     I know....right? 

 I used the stamps in the kit to decorate the outside and inside of the tins. 
So now, 
here are both kits with many more pictures and basic instructions on how to make you own.

First the Happy Holidays set.

Start with small wooden craft blocks (available at all craft stores) I used 2 each of 1/2" and 3/4" blocks and a 
small rectangle 1 1/2" x 2 1/4" for the tree. 
 I used these dimensions to sketch out on graphed tracing paper the size of each. Then I drew my designs within the outlines. 
within, which means a tad smaller then the block or cork.

A tree, two holly leaves, (one of them solid) a snowflake, a star, a trio of holly berries and a circle star burst.  
Yes that is a lot of stamps happening all in that one little mint tin! 

I carved them on pink Speedy Carve and trimmed them down very closely to fit on the blocks.  Before I mounted the rubber on the wood, I sanded the blocks lightly to smooth the wood and gave it a light coat of glossy Mod Podge to seal the wood. 
Then I stamped the index of the stamp with a permanent black ink. I used Brilliance Graphite Black pigment ink, then 
I heat-set it and gave it another light coat of Mod Podge. 
I don't like to use a solvent ink for stamping the index because 
it stains the stamps permanently. 
I have found the Brilliance gives me a reliably solid stamped impression because it is pigment based and it washes off the stamp easily. 
That is important if you are giving it as a gift because, neatness counts.

***And of course people....
use a well inked ink pad.
 It will bum you out, if you stamp the wooden block and the image is not complete or light. 
Trust me. 
You can see on the star stamp below that I mounted the stamp to my 'botched' index side.
 That is always an option or painting over it, but that takes a few coats and more time.

Next, I mounted the stamps on the blocks taking care to attach the stamp in the same orientation as the index, with E6000.  
A little bit goes a long way and letting the glue rest  a few minutes before adhering is advised.

Give the stamps a flat, level surface to rest on while the glue dries so the rubber doesn't shift off the block. These little suckers are small and they will move when you're not looking (weird, I know), 
and if you end up with a stamp that is hanging half way off the block...
well, you just made more work for yourself my friend. Just keep an eye on them as the glue sets...about an a hour.
After the glue dried I carefully cut away with an exacto-knife, any excess glue that seeped out from under the stamp. 

After the stamps were mounted and dried for at least 24 hours. 
I used them to stamp out designs on paper to use to decorate the tins.
 I stamped on a smooth text weight  paper using pigment inks.  The text weight is lighter and made it easy to wrap and adhere the stamped border around the tins.
 I trimmed the border to fit 
the width and to wrap all the way around the lower bottom of the outside tin...
no measurements here,
 it is pretty straight forward. 
Next, adhere with Mod Podge....decoupage technique.

For the outside cover panel 
and inside cover panel,
 I traced the outside of the tin on the paper with pencil, (to erase it later) then
stamped my designs within the border. 

Layering the stamped tree and Happy Holiday panel onto card stock with the Mod Podge gave it more structure and kept the raised letters on the tin from showing through, which would have happened if I had only used the stamped text weight paper.
 you are probably asking yourself 
why I didn't just stamp 
the panels on white card stock 
to begin with?
The answer is... 
I didn't have any with a smooth 
enough finish for stamped images,
 such as Paris Bleedproof favorite stamping card stock. 

I took care to straighten and even out the panel when cutting it out.

Certainly, you could print out the words 
Happy Holidays 
Let it Snow 
from your computer instead of stamping them, it would definitely look neater and cleaner, but I wanted the 'stamped look'. 

When I was happy with a design I liked, 
I heat-set my stamped images 
before applying the sealer.
 Here on the bottom right you can see my holly leaves smeared when I applied a coat of the MP without heat-setting.
Yep, this one was messy, I didn't use it.


Trim the panels and attach to the outside and inside lids using Mod Podge. 
To attach the panels, the basic decoupage technique works best....A good coat underneath and a good coat on top, the same with the wrap around border. 
You can sprinkle a bit of glitter on the final top coat to add some sparkle. 
I kept the red edge of the lid plain but cleaned away any excess sealer before it dried. 

The inside of this tin I lined with green felt and the bottom got a simple cutout of green card stock stamped with my information. 
Yes, I know the back and front aren't going in the same direction...What can I say? 

You could leave the tin bottom blank and sign it with permanent marker.

With this Happy Holidays set the stamps cannot stand upright and have the lid closed... 
 so, the stamps have to be adjusted and turned on their sides.

You can use this set to make so many holiday crafts.

Now, onto the the Let It Snow stamp kit. 
This one I used wine corks instead of wooden blocks. 
This one has four stamps, but you could cut the corks down and to fit more stamps in the tin.

I sketched out these circles and snowflakes to fit on the corks. 
Which I then transferred onto the rubber to carve the stamps.

After the stamps were carved, mounted
and indexed.

I used the stamped text weight paper (definitely a better choice than card stock for this) to make strips to wrap around the cork to identify each stamp (the index). 
Again, with pigment ink that is heat-set then the strips are adhered with Mod Podge, decoupage technique. 

 I stamped out different designs to see what I wanted to use on the tins.

I glittered along the the outside lip of the tin  using glitter glue...several coats and smoothing it with my finger as it dried. 
This particular tin had a green edge so the blue glitter blends with it easier than the red would.

For this set I made a stamped inside bottom lining and adhered it with the same decoupage method as the outside & inside panels.  
This inside lining stuck a bit to the stamps after being shipped to California and back, and it tore slightly when I removed the stamps. If that happens you can lightly sand the stamps and the lining with super fine grit sandpaper after the sealer (MP) has cured for a day or two.

 Glitter glue along the inside lid too.

The four stamps fit nicely in the tin and the lid closes perfectly.

Well, there you have it
 a super affordable, 
hand carved stamp kit. 
I must admit, 
I am quite pleased with myself, but more importantly I hope you are inspired to try this out.

You can make these for yourself and\or use them in your holiday crafting projects such as card and tag making or wrapping paper. 
You will be so delighted with yourself each year as you pull it out with your Christmas decorations or craft supplies. 
you could give a special 
hand made gift to someone who 
you know will appreciate it and use it....
there are those people.
If you do give it as a gift, 
it is a good idea 
to also give one or a few ink pads. 
Otherwise they aren't very useful.   :/
  There several  mini ink pad sets available online and in your local stamp store....yes, there are those stores. 

If I left anything out 
or you have any questions...
just shoot me an email or 
leave a comment. 


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yes, food counts. xoxo

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