Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Banner

I love looking at what other artist and crafters do on their blogs, websites and Etsy, with their banners. Many Etsians even sell banners in their shops. Very Cool. There are so many beautiful, eye-catching banners that are works of art themselves. Whether they are digitally created, photographs, orginal art imagary or a combination of all of the above, most are all unique and interesting to see.

 A few weeks ago I was playing with my carved stamps and stamped out a design with this stamp. I loved how the stamp had different colorations on it from the different inks I had used.  I shot a picture of it to show you its own beauty.
As I was working to create patterned backgrounds,  I came up with  one in my sketchbook, a new very affordable sketchbook, which I got at AC Moore. And let me just say, "I love it" because the paper is super smooth and perfect for stamping. Many sketchbooks have a rough surface  (tooth) which is more suitable for drawing with pencil, charcoal and pen.
I think I was drawn to it because it said Recycled and  then noticed the $5.00 price and when I opened it and felt the paper, I was hooked!  So, as I played around with this stamp I came up with this pattern. Then I scanned it and monkeyed around  in Photoshop with the image and decided to create a banner.   One of these days I am going to upgrade my Photoshop, I use Elements 2.0, it almost sounds laughable.  When I think how old this program is I think about upgrading.  But for now it works for my basic needs and I am grateful to have it.

Peace out.


  1. The stamp looks so pretty all by itself!

    I just bought a new sketch, too, and with recycled paper. Not the same one, but I'm so excited about it. The paper is perfect.

    I got some new markers, too, to use on my bird and flower doodles, but they were really cheap and aren't the best quality. Oh well!

    Love your posts! We should craft soon, I miss you and have some news to share!

  2. Autumn.. I love love love that stamps. I so want to carve stamps with you. Your banner looks beautiful. I'm gonna check out that paper. Spring is here.. I hope. Judy


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