Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rug Hooked Wall Pocket

Ok, So let me just say that I am, one day, going to learn Photoshop better and become a better photography....but for now, this is my post, and here is my little hooked wall pocket. It was from the burlap that I was utilizing before cutting up.
Wall pockets or door/knob hangers appeal to me, because they are so charming. During our Christmas decoration unpacking, which is while we decorate the tree, there is often an ornament or two that just doesn't belong on the tree and it ends up getting hung on a window latch or some random spot around the house. Wall pockets have that same sort of fun, home decor accent quality that I appreciate. And, yes it is a primitive, homespun feeling.
A rug hooked pocket can be tricky because transforming a hooked piece into something functional......other than a rug, usually requires attaching the hooked piece to a fabric foundation. Now, the reason it is difficult is because on burlap or (more preferred) linen, easily unravels. So, unless, you have pre-stitched (machine) you outer area before hooking, you risk the chance of your hooked design unraveling when you cut it out.
When this design was cut out I sewed a piece of ticking to the top of the piece right sided together and then folded in downward

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