Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Journal 2010, Volume 9

Well it has finally come and gone. The Summer Journal has come and the rush to get it finished has gone.  Every year I have the best intentions to have it complete by the kid's last day of school, for that is when I officially start journaling for the summer. And even though last week I got together with some girlfriends for me to teach them how to make this quilted little gem, and even though I did start my own Summer Journal at that time.....well, I was still in the weeds to get caught up and have it finished in time.  But as of last night I was totally caught up, entries and all.  Now I have time to blog.....oh wait, I don't have any pictures of the finished book.  Well, here is a peek of the cover (on top).  At one point my daughter, Rosemary came into my studio and I influenced her to stitch the button on the flower for the cover. Yes, it took some coaxing. My kids mostly hate to do anything craft related and this was a milestone for her to sit down and do this.  Of course posing for the camera, my little drama student pretends she loves doing this. Yea, right!  

But truthfully, this is how she feels.....

Ok, maybe not quite so extreme, but that is the kind of resistance I get when I say, "Let's make something!"  I stole this picture from here  massive collection photos that she was creating for her Facebook profile. This one just seemed apropos.

I will post more on the SJ-2010 later, I am off to my friend's house to work on a huge scrapbook for her Father's 80th birthday.  We have put a lot of time, love and mad skills into this puppy. And, let me state now if I have not done so before, I don't scrapbook. ; ))   Anyway, I will try to share it with you very soon. 

Happy Summer, let the games begin............

Friday, June 18, 2010

Super Busy

Being busy this time of year is natural way of life, especially with kids. June and December are full on.  I have been committed to helping friends with different creativity projects and of course, I find my days in the studio are delightfully full. Please don't get me wrong, I offered to help with my friends and any busy time in my studio is appreciated. So I am happy to be making stuff.  This week I had the opportunity to help out a notable organization in the Boston area, The Edinburg Center.  They held their annual fund raising dinner last night and I created some botanical collages for their raffle.  Here they are finished. Below they are without the green acrylic, that I mixed up to apply in a distressed way that is the shabby look that is so popular, I couldn't resist doing that with this pair of 12x12" wrapped gallery canvases.    
Text papers, music sheets, all collaged on the canvas with paint and love.  I was proud to donate this sweet duet.  I could have gone crazy with adding more collage elements to these two, but I wanted something simply stated.
The night was hosted by Billy Costa of Kiss108 and TV Diner (he is in the picture below with me and my friend Kit Lilly).  He did an inspiring job with the auction and the whole evening.  Funny we were all done by 9, which is when the 7th game of the NBA Finals started....hmmm? Oh well too bad it didn't turn out better for us.  
I have also been working on a very special scrapbook with Kit for her father's 80th birthday.  We have had several full days of working on this serious book one of which was today.  Tuesday, (which now seems like yesterday) I went to my friend Robyn's house to coach a workshop on my Quilted Collage Journals and of course I started right away on my own summer journal.  More pics later but for I am pooped.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Binder Books

Bookmaking is so enjoyable for me.  I find I can get going easily and just loose myself in making books.  It is so satisfying.  The Bind-it-all system makes it easy to get inspired.  For instance when I saw this paper knew what to do with it. My daughter needed a graduation gift for her friend and I was planning on making a journal for her and enclosing a set of fun Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pens.  I adore this Anna Griffin paper and knew it would make a fabulous book.  Well, I was right.  But I got so swept up in the beauty of this paper I didn't pay attention to my reckless cutting of the back cover and there it was....a catty wompus cut of the binding holes.  Bummer. 
Thinking quickly, I cut a strip of the fab paper and adhered with glue stick it to the edge and wrapped in around the board.  Next I cut a strip of the inside paper and glued it on the other side with, what else?  Gel medium....a healthy application which you can actually see the in the photo and when that was dry I used a sharp blade to cut right along the edge.
It turned out that this solution made the book look almost perfect.

***I made this book using 5x7" blank index cards.

 I was already making two other books along with this one so I continued on to the next few books.
In this picture you can see some copies of antique botanical illustrations that are cut  into a squares. I made a book with smaller 4x6" blank index cards and cut them into squares.  I used Shakespeare text pages for the inside covers and edged them with green ink.  This book is will be listed in my Etsy shop.
I next made another botanical inspired book again with Anna Griffin paper and I randomly stamped some script in the background and with a nod to my favorite city, stamped the postmark in the bottom right and finished by edging the covers with rose ink.  Lovely.  This one measures 4x6" with a brass finish binder ring. Also in my Etsy shop. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Building a Playground

My current Moleskine sketchbook is getting some good attention. But nothing makes me happier than to use up leftover paint on a book, so not long ago when I was finished using gesso on used the leftover in the palette and on the brush on a blank page in my journal. I stamped with the gesso and cleaned my brush off onto about 80% of the two pages.  The flower clipping is from a B&W copy adhered with gel medium but I avoided letting any gel medium get on top of the paper because I wanted to see how absorbent it was.  As I was hoping, it turns out, it was very absorbent. When the gel medium and the gesso were dry I used Versamagic Spanish Olive and smeared the ink into the 'Art' area, then went over it with a watery brush. Next I added Dr.Ph. Martin's Concentrated Watercolor in Ultra Blue. My notes from this original experience, next say Crimson, but at this time I don't know what that, paint, you never know.  But I do know I next added Purple Lake by Cotman's watercolor. Then I stamped the flowers in gouache. When it dries you have a perfect playground to write or collage on top, or both.  Now go play. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

June is here and I am the Monthly Muse for Gingersnap Creations Blog

I am happy to announce that I am the Monthly Muse for Gingersnap Creations. I was honored when Ali invited me. See my interview here.  It is going to be fun this month so be sure to check out the happenings over there. I will be posting there tonight.  The Edinburg Center is a terrific organization here in the Boston that is hosting their annual benefti dinner see about it here.  I will be donating some botanical collages for their raffle and it will be fun to create them and share the process there too.  Many things are in the works so check back soon. 
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