Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Freebie Journal Tags Week 3

Happy Friday, here is another Journal Tag/Collage Element I created.
Here is last week's collage element  
that I played around with in PhotoShop,  this is what I came up with.
I had some painted text which I scanned and used as torn paper lines. 
When using this in my journal I would for sure grunge it up some more.....or not. Hmm?
And from the last round of journal pages
 I was working on  that I showed last is one that I quickly finished the other day.
I love the word allow.  It says it all.
Have a great day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Freebie Journal Tags

FREE Journal Tags! 
Well as promised here is another Journal/collage tag for FREE....created from my own hand carved stamps. 
A playful group of paper doll girls standing in a summer field.  
Painted with lines and some subtle stamped pale pink sunbursts in the sky.
Print this out and use it in your art journal or scrapbook pages.  
Let me hear from you when you do.
To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Journaling Pages Backgrounds & Stamped Masking Tape

Here are some more of my art journal pages prepped and ready for my journaling.

If you have seen all the fabulous printed washi and fabric tapes available on Etsy and other craft stores, then you no doubt have been tempted to buy them.  I resisted buying them and played around with making my own. 
Here are my masking tape experiments...
This first one I stamped one of my own hand carved stamps with teal Staz-on ink and 
drew a white line with a Sharpie along the edges. 
Here is a close up
Next I used my teflon sheet to stamp out the patterns on the tape to make it easier on myself, stamping on a flat surface makes a big difference.
This one I used a manufactured stamp and used many layers of the tape. 
Here is the close-up
And finally another one with my own stamps.  
I think they turned out fun. Let me know what you think.
And I wanted to congratulate Kristine for winning my 
Blog giveaway.
Remember to check back each Friday for a new
  FREE collage element clip art.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Giveaway

More to celebrate my blog birthday,
 I am sharing free collage elements/ journaling tags
 not just once or twice but for THE WHOLE NEXT YEAR!  
That's right every Friday I will post some free clip-art images for
 you to use in your own personal collage experiences. 
 So here is first of a fun line of Collage tags I make from my hand carved stamps and other mixed media.
 Let me know what you think and be sure to follow this blog so you can get all the freebies 
that are coming your way.

*To download simply click on the image and then right click the image to save.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blog Anniversary Giveaway! 
Today is my second birthday of this blog and to celebrate I am giving away my fabulous
 Quilted Collage Journal E-Tutorial, pdf
 to one lucky winner. 
 This is a very easy and detailed sewing how-to for making this rich quilted fabric book including two quilted pockets on the inside. This e-tutorial is complete with over 75 photos and 57 detailed pages. Perfect for scrapbookers, art journaler, travelers, brides or new mothers.  
See more photos here in my Flickr. Also in my Etsy shop.
 All you have to do to win
 is leave a comment with your email. I will draw the lucky winner Sunday night using
Good luck. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Journal 2011 - 10th Anniversary, More Pictures

Well, here we are with August in full swing and I promised more pictures of this year's Summer Journal, created in the style of my Quilted Collage Journal (PDF Tutorial available here). But with this edition I used a lot more patchwork piecing. Clearly I was in a green kind of mood and I chose all the fabrics that I love.
 Above is the full front cover and below is the full back cover. 
If you look closely you can see I embroidered the number ten on the back commemorating my tenth year of this Summer Journal (it is green thread on green fabric, so it is somewhat hidden). I outlined the number with metallic floss, which is a bit tricky to work with and then I added ten french knots using olive floss and one strand of the metallic floss.

Above is a very small green metallic star my teenage son was kind enough to stitch, see this blog post for his other two embroidery contributions. My daughter couldn't be bothered  this year, but at least she put her mark on last year's journal, you can see that blog post here. And if you want to see my husband's contribution, just pick up Jane Davies' latest book Adventures in Mixed Media where she features my Summer Journals and you will see my husband's handwritten entry in 2009. He is always is happy to do Summer Journal entries complete with is much loved drawings of his stick figures representing our families activities.
Here (below) you can see a very thin layer of Angelina Fibers that I stitched across the front cover. I was going to add a title here but I never found the right lettering.

 These numbers are from Tim Holtz's Grunge Board collection (Mixed Minis), painted with Olive Metallic Lumiere, they are stitched on two layers of a sheer two-toned organza ribbon. 
The last pictures are of my quilted pockets which are on the inside covers.

 More accents with Angelina Fibers. 
As you can see I use all sorts of embellishments, threads, stitches, beads, charms and sequins to create a real quilted 'collage'. And of course I stitch on the pages. It makes for a rich art journal.
Thanks for stopping by and check back this week as I will be celebrating the anniversary of my blog with some giveaways. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angelina Fibers Tutorial

 I had some Angelina Fibers sitting around in my studio that was given to me by Jane Davies awhile ago to experiment with, and I just now got inspired.  We use boxed matches a lot in my house especially for candle lighting and it is nice to have something that is  pretty and can sit out.
Now I have to admit the majority of the fibers I had were not the most attractive color....
Fluorescent pink and So, I decided to paint it. That's right paint it.  When you use these fibers as you may know, you must take a cluster of the fibers and heat bond them in between a teflon sheet with an iron.  *If you don't know about working with these sparkling pretties, just Google Angelina Fibers tutorials and you will get a ton of information.
Now I started with prepared sheets of the above bright colors and used acrylic paint, primarily because I knew when it was dry the color would stay put when coming in contact with glue. Also this fiber is synthetic and non-porous so I needed color that would grab and stay put.  I wanted a non absorbent surface under the AF sheet so that as it dried the paint did not soak away from the the AF sheet. I used a cellophane package from one of my paper craft items.

 First, get the AF sheet very wet with water and then start applying the acrylic paint of your choice with a wet brush. The paint moves across the AF sheet better with water and the thinness of the paint allows for the iridescence to shine through.
 Of course you want to your colors that work together, like this Quinacridone Crimson and the pink and orange below for the bright pink AF.
 And this cobalt blue and the purple work well on the pink.x
Below you can see I used a Phthalo Teal on the yellow and it made a lovely rich green.
Also I tried using wax paper as under liner but I found it dulled the finish of the painted AF sheet. So stick with the repurposed cello packaging. 
I even tried using the wonderful shimmery Lumiere Metallic Olive and it worked quite well. When you have your AF sheets painted set them aside to dry fully on the plastic. While they dry give a coat of gesso on the empty matchboxes. They don't have to be fully covered. One coat will do.
Here is a selection of the colors and I used a flower punch on one of the AF sheets. These colors are so much more usable than the other colors. The very bottom blue was white AF painted blue and you can see the rich color of the metallic olive on the bottom left. You can see some of the sheets are cut with a straight edge and some have a loose ragged edge. You can use it either way as you will see below.
Next you adhere the AF sheets in small pieces to the dried gesso covered matchboxes. 
I used Glossy Accents by Ranger. Judi-kins Diamond Glaze would work well too. I applied a good amount and used a flat brush to smooth it across the entire surface and placed square AF piece on top and brushed with more of the Glossy Accents. Now do not try to make the AF piece fit the box, it is actually better to have it hang off the edge of the box. You will cut if off later after it dries.
Below you can see a nice effect of using thin feathery layers to create different color combinations.
 And finish with a good coat of the Glossy Accents to smooth the top surface.
I tried using  GLOSS gel medium which worked well too. Remember to only use something that has a gloss finish when it dries. If you use a matte finish it would dull the iridescence of the AF.
 Set them aside and let them dry over night before cutting off the extra.

When they are well dried you can now trim away the excess over hang of  the AF. I found this was easiest to cut the piece with the scissors on top cutting the fiber underneath, like below. That way you can use the box as the cutting guide and see it well.
Here are the finished boxes. Of course shooting iridescent surfaces is always tricky. But I am sure you get the idea of their shimmery beauty. They would be a terrific functional handmade item to give with a candle.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.

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