Sunday, November 27, 2011

Freebie - Week 16

Happy Thanksgiving (weekend)! 
I hope the holiday found all of you sharing some great food with your family and friends.
Since my birthday was Friday I decided this week's free collage element should
 be something for me. Yum!

Cupcakes are so popular these days, both imagery and in real life. Yes, this is from my own hand carved stamp, but this one is altered a bit in Photoshop.
I have a set of tags I created with this stamp available in my Etsy shop.
To download this adorable cupcake 
for personal use clip-art,
 simply right click on the
image and click "save as" in your computer.

p.s. Thanks Adrienne for the scrumptious cupcakes you made for me. They were really fantastic,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Freebie Friday Week 15 Harvest Tags

For my Freebie Friday Clip-Art this week I wanted to use my last harvest colored theme before we jump into Christmas and Winter motifs.
So here we go....
Warm orange, earthy brown and vibrant plum make this swirly design resemble of fall.  
So many ideas to use for these tags. Let me know what you think. 

To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.
Oh, why yes of course, those are my own hand carved stamps
that I used to design this  ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quilted Tissue Paper

Recently, I had to wrap a present for a gift I was giving to a friend.
I impulsively grabbed some tissue paper and folded it in half. 
Next I picked up one of my hand carved stamps and some 
pretty pale violet dye ink and started stamping.
Knowing that this was just play, I let myself experiment, explore and see what developed.
When the piece of tissue was covered with my stamping it looked so pretty how
the ink soaked into the paper and gave it such a soft water colored look.
Quilted Tissue Paper

Quilted Tissue Paper1
I decided that if it was to be used for 
gift wrap then maybe I should reinforce it by stitching all over it in a quilting manner.
I added an extra piece of tissue paper inside the fold and went to my sewing machine.
I used a straight stitches and ziz-zag stitches in a grid pattern.
Quilted Tissue paper2
It turned out unique and pretty.
Quilted Tissue Paper! What a great idea for the holidays.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Freebie Week 14, Blog Giveaway

This week I have another freebie collage element for you followers.
Very casual and with soft and bright watercolor effects on a mixed media background with some 
some fuchsia and butterscotch colored buds rising from the ground.

As fall is quickly bringing us its finality with Thanksgiving nearing I am resisting any of the 
standard autumn imagery for this blog's collage freebie, such as leaves, pumpkins and turkeys. 
Yes, I know that fall isn't officially over for yet another month, but you will
find that once the Thanksgiving meal is over the Christmas holidays have suddenly begun.
Just turn on the t.v. or open a newspaper, or as we all know happily know too well, open up the internet. Oh well enough about the holidays, right now it is still fall.
 So, enjoy this richly colored journal tag or collage element.

Print this image a few times and adhere into your own art journal and you instantly have
a lovely fall background for any journal. Actually this came from my own art journal.

To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.
Oh, why yes of course, those are my own hand carved stamps
that I used to design this  ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Felted Wool Strips Make Colorful Stripes For Fall

I do love wool and here it is fall and I am normally rug hooking some kind of primitive
something or another. But, this year I have no time to get busy hooking
anything warm and homespun. However, I just couldn't ignore my 
many piles of felted wool strips that 
I use to hook with that were beckoning me. 
I decided to answer the call and create something with them
that was fast and beautiful.
Wool Strips cards
After pilfering through my many piles of wool strips and putting
together colors that satisfied my fall aspirations I pulled out my sewing machine, grabbed some 
card stock and created some colorful and primitive cards.

But my real yearning was to make a pillow from this very simple method.
I made one for a gift and loved it so much I made one for myself.
Did I say simple? !!
Stitching  the strips on a natural linen fabric, one after the other.
Random, effortless and I changed the thread occasionally for more color.
What could be easier and with such cheerful, warm and cozy results?
Wool Strips Pillow 5
When I cut my wool, I don't worry about keeping the widths consistent. 
The more primitive the better which is more my casual style when it comes to wool.
Wool Strips Pillow 3

Wool Strips Pillow 2

Wool Strips Pillow 1
My wool collection is from various sources....I love to get recycled, 100% wool, from old clothes and over dye them. Spot dying and ‘stewing’ assorted wools together is another fun way to make new colors. I also use new,  white mill wool and dye them with Cushings Perfection acid dyes.
 My process for dying these wools varies, depending on my mood and desired colors.
No matter what method I choose, I am always so delighted that I  have created some marvelous colors,
 of lovely warm felted wool.

Cards made of wool strips

Wool Strips Card
So even if this fall passes by without any of my rug hooking dreams manifesting, 
I will still have indulged my wool passion. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday Freebie Journal Tags Week 13

Hi followers, here is week 13 of my
 free journal/collage tags.
This is a pretty fall colored mixed media distressed image...
perfect for journaling in a scrapbook or creating a spot in 
your art journal for a heading or a title.

To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.
Oh, why yes of course, those are my own hand carved stamps
that I used to design this  ;)

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