Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Freebie Week 25 of Collage Clip Art

Here is my
Week 25 of Free Collage Elements.
If you are getting Ready for Valentine's Day and want some fun heart themed collage elements to create and play with, this is for you.  I created this design with one of my hand carved stamps using gesso to stamp out my  heart design. When that was dry I water colored the paper. No it was not watercolor paper, I think it was a large blank index card. 
To digitally play around with this Collage Element
paired with this past Collage Element freebie, I opened up Photoshop and started pressed buttons.
Basically, I layered the two elements, but first.... On the one with the grid I removed the color, then used the photocopy filter to make it look more distressed and then colorized it to the red, then moved it to an Overlay on the the heart Collage Element. And here is another Photoshop effect.
This one is simply the grid Collage Element with a slight hue adjustment then I moved it to "overlay" on top of the hearts collage element with the opacity adjusted to the right level.
These make great collage papers.
I hope you are inspired. Thanks so much for stopping by. 
I appreciate comments and of course followers.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Freebie Blog Giveaway, Hand Carved Stamp Design

Sail effortlessly6
Happy Friday everyone. I don't know about you but I am certainly glad it is here.
This week I got to another carved stamp, a simple design but as with all my carved stamps....I love it.
Jan carved element
Here is how I started. First sketched the design on a piece of grid tracing paper. Next burnish the tracing of the image onto the rubber. Then carve. EASY and relaxing. I love doing this.
Jan carved element2
Jan carved element1
This simple design looks like playful floating pillows when stamped in a row. So this is my Week 24 of  Free Collage Clip Art.
Naturally, this stamp was worked into one of my journal pages. Since I wasn't much for journaling while working on this page I simply included one of my favorite quotes. This is a great way to build a page without spilling your innermost thoughts or recapping the recent events.
Here are more of the pictures. I hope you enjoy. Leave a comment if you wish and certainly feel free to share.
Sail effortlessly6
Sail effortlessly3

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hi there,
 Happy Friday the 13th.  I am happy to be posting and giving away another blog freebie... 
Yes, another!
week 23.
 Collage elements, journaling ephemera what ever you want to call it.
 I am feeling a bit collage-like so this freebie reflects that. 
This is layered and collage with stamping  (I heart stamping) and I like the way it looks. 
 It makes a great printable. So print it out (several times) and use it in your art journals and collage away. BTW, this is from previous creation....
see it here
For personal use clip-art,
To download this image..... which I created using my
own hand carved stamps...thank you very much....
 simply right click on the
image and click "save as" in your computer.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blog Giveaway, Free, Collage Element Week 22

Hi there bloggers. Today I have week 22 of my free clip art blog giveaway.
 That's right week TWENTY-TWO!
That means 22 free clip-art giveaways.
I will have a sidebar up soon with a complete page with all of the Free clip art assembled. 
Due to my current love for the Japanese washi tape I received an order from another Etsy shop today and  decided to create a simple "collage element" for my weekly giveaway.
I collaged this piece on an index card. I guess you cannot really see
 the lines underneath as I was hoping. 
But I thought it would be a simple and usable element for any collage lovers and of course scrappers.
This would be perfect for a many applications. 
Here, I added some numbers in Photoshop. It makes for a great element 
to make a list of things you love,  
or your favorite events of the day. 
It would  also be ideal for scrapbooking. And, of course you could double or triple  the image and make many more rows.  Anyway, I am certainly feeling the simplicity of the style. You gotta love the washi tape....I know I certainly do.

For personal use clip-art,
To download this image..... which I created using my
own hand carved stamps...thank you very much....
 simply right click on the
image and click "save as" in your computer.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Art Journal Page

Here is a page from one of my art journals. Here it is at the beginning. Color, stamping, imagery. I have found I don't have to have super bold colors on every page. Sometimes, some easy soft colors with random collage elements that don't need to be explained or even "worked into" the page are all I need.
Backgrounds for art journal pages
And here it is with my journaling and more stuff. I am sure it needs more...maybe some colored edges.
Art Journal page-Apple
Notice the cool page tab at the top left?  It is from this previous post  see it here.
Happy art journaling ya'll.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Collage Time

Last Friday I was able to get over to Ink About It and take a Play Time collage class by the very talented artist Kelly Kilmer. It was terrific fun and I explored a new style of collage. She directed us through several prompts and methods to make journal pages. Here is my first page.
Page One from my Collage Class with Kelly Kilmer
I used a bunch of tape. I adore the tape across the top with the wet circles. Who am I kidding? I adore all the tape and she had a bunch for us to play with.
My next page was on a royal blue background, more tape and some souffle pens and stencils. Fun.
Page Two of my class
My third page and I used my own stamp.
page four of KellyKilmer's
Many opportunities to fill these pages with more imagery and words.
Page three of class
As I was in my studio (ahhhh....) yesterday enjoying a reconnecting experience with myself, I came across an old altered pocket calender I had from 2009. 
Altered Pocket Calender (1)
My husband received from work through a vendor who had their name on the cover. 
I covered it with collage and gel medium. The numbers we stamped on small pieces of paint chips. I also added some rub-ons.
Altered Pocket Calender - my collage covers advertising originally on the the mini-calender
It held up well. I am hoping for another mini calender to find it's way to me this year. Even though so many of us use our electronic devices for organizing our time....something about using a paper calender that is better for me.  I altered another marketing calender last year too, see it here
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
 Sending this blog post you followers with many blessings of New Year's dreams and happy creativity throughout the year ahead. 
I actually had time most of today to get into my studio and make some stamped imagery.
It was very satisfying. 
Blue and Purples stamped  Hand Carved Stamps by Autumn Hathaway  
Playing with a new stamp (carved)
I hope your New Year's Day was just as delightful for you as well.
Here is to another exciting year before us.
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