Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Up Close Art Journal Pages

Have a glance at some of my journal pages up close and not so very personal.
journal pages up close (1)
love of art journaling      
Journal upclose
Remember there are no wrong ways to work in an art journal/sketchbook.
You might even call it a Collage Journal.
journal pages up close (3)
Either way, just jump in and discover your own creative voice.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Collage Elements, Blog Freebie Week 29

Hi Bloggers. It is Friday and I am happy to be presenting you with week 29 of my Weekly Free Blog Giveaway, free collage clip art. Okay so, yay me for getting it to you on Friday, 
that was my initial plan.
A stamped flower from my own hand carved stamp collection, 
collaged on top of some painted and texturized Shakespearean text. I do adore these colors.   

to download simply click on the image>
then right click,
> click to save 

Thanks for stopping by and checking in to see what I have here on my blog. I appreciate all of you visitors.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stamping Pattern Design

I wanted to share a design I created using a stamp I carved awhile ago and never use it, but I do like it. It caught my eye the other day in the studio and I decided to spend some time in my stamping playground and create patterned paper. The colors were the marmalade Distress ink from Ranger and a red Marvy marker. 
I created a high yield from my inked stamp, each and every time. Here is the process.
First ink the whole stamp with the orange ink then with the red marker make accent marks inside the leaves. Remember this technique is best to start with the lighter color ink first.
Stamp the image in my sketchbook. You can see I used a heavy hand with the red marker and other times I did not, both are nice effects. 
Then I use the residual ink to stamp on a separate piece of paper resulting in a soft shadowy pattern (below).
 Another way to create a secondary pattern is to mist the left over ink and then stamp in on a separate piece of paper. I creates a brighter bolder secondary image.

Let's recap now.... this is the simple process:
1. stamp in full color
2. stamp secondary pattern with leftover ink
or misted leftover ink. Or maybe both ;)

I used some wonderful washi tape to attach the patterns into my sketchbook. A great way to design your own stamped pattern papers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stamping Playground = Happiness

I love having time to just stamp and create more stamps and more designs. This flower was a very quick rough cut carve from substandard rubber that I had left over which crumbles easily and is difficult to carve. That being stated, I didn't spend much time on the stamp itself.  I do like the water colored image it  looks pretty cool, or pretty and cool. Just sayin.
Here is a star burst square design that I used with Ranger Butterscotch Adirondack dye ink on watercolor paper.
Then I brushed the whole thing with water to fill the color in all over the page. 
Carving more stamps and creating more designs. I like this small medallion stamp.
This next design, I am not crazy about but the process was is all that matters, right? 
 Here is my sketchbook with some pattern designs. You may notice the bottom blue pattern from Free Collage Elements Clip-art from this blog. 
I have always loved blue and peach together. These colors work for me. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Free Collage Element Download Week 28

Wow, that week went by fast. Okay, so here you are presented with a new free clip-art collage element, that I created using my hand carved stamps. This is certainly quite obvious a simple stamp, I am sure it was a remnant After stamping in four different colors, I then finished with some line drawing.  When you print it out the original size is 5" long.
 It makes for a very playful and whimsical collage element to use in your creations. This style is very popular right now. Honestly, I am not sure why they are called bunting on Etsy and other such place, because I just always thought of them as banners or flags. I guess banners refers more to web pages. 
Here, below I show how I printed it out enlarged and used it on a painted journal page. It is a composition journal that I use to keep business notes in.
 Collage Element week28        
I hope you are inspired with many fun ideas to play with this collage element.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art Journal Page, Gesso and Stamped in Watercolor

I like taking pictures of my journal pages while I am in the process of building the pages.
 Well at least by the time they have a story to tell. This two and a half pages started because I need to strengthen the lightweight text paper used in this hand made book. My son made the book for me and was using many different types of paper and card stock, including copier paper. Now don't get any big ideas about me crafting with my kids. He made this journal under slight direst and strict orders from me....ahhhhemm. It was Mother's Day,  otherwise he wouldn't have bothered.
By adding a coat of gesso and folding vertically and gluing  one of the pages to create a half page, the pages became stronger. Next, I used my stamps to create some watercolor imagery all over, I added a large graphic A and stamped a word on the flip side of the half page, a word that felt right at the time. Replenish.  
Art Journal page - A - replenish            

Art Journal page - replenish  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Free Collage Sheet, Week 26-27

Okay, bloggers I have officially missed a whole week of my weekly Freebie Collage Elements...printables. 
So, it happily gives me a chance to make it up to you with a whole full sheet of free digital clip art. 

I am including nice richly colored distressed panel to use in layers of your own collage building.
Maybe you will make time to get reconnect with your creative spirit print this page out and create. 
It will certainly help in making your own Valentine's Day crafts.
Thanks for everyone who has been checking in on my blog, I appreciate it. 

Happy Valentine's Day

to download simply click on the image>
then right click,
> click to save 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stamping on Fabric

red flowers stamped on linen with paint
Playing with my hand carved stamps --- I do love flower imagery.
I discovered this lovely linen type fabric from Joann's and used it to stamps some flowers.
The red is stamped with Jacquard Neopaque acrylic paint. (be sure to clean stamp immediately)
black flowers on linen
This black pattern was stamped with Memories dye ink (I think?) or it could be Brilliance Graphite black. Either one would fine. 
Just remember the ink is not washable, the paint is after heat setting....just follow the instructions.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Making a Journal from a Wall Map

I was going through my shelves of journals, mostly hand made and found this one that I made eight years ago. My friend had given me several vintage wall maps she picked up at a garage sale. They were folded and the creases where they were folded were the perfect size for a book page. I got the idea to make one of the maps into a journal. This is the result. The brown paper I created myself using clip art images that I enlarged on a black and white photocopier, then I washed the paper with matte medium mixed with walnut ink and when that was dry I stamped more black collage detail. The spine cover is scrapbook paper and then I added a ribbon for a finishing detail.
Map Journal, Inside front cover
Here you can see the inside cover. Again, I stamped paper to make it unique and colorful
Inside page of Map Journal
Inside page of Map Journal
Inside page of Map Journal
This is the inside of the back cover. By clicking on the photos it will take you to my Flickr account where you can see all the pages.
Inside Back Cover of Map Journal
I think it is time to fill the journal up. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Art Journal Page by a Busy Girl

Play all day        
This is how I have been feeling lately. I have so many art ideas and the time gets away from me
Click on the picture above and go to my Flickr to see how this page started. 
I hope you are finding time in your life to make art.
Happy Ground Hog's Day.

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