Sunday, March 25, 2012

Collage Elements Week 33 Blog Giveaway

Hi bloggers, I am here ...... :p
Okay so, here is Week 33 of my free Collage Elements blog giveaway.
You have certainly seen this stamp before in the free clip art Collage Elements from the past. see that one here.
I think I will call this stamp design a ruffle swirl, kinda girly I know, but I can't help myself. I created this using two different pieces. The stamped swirl and made the warm water colored background on a separate page.  Then layered  the two in PhotoShop.   Have fun creating. 

To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.
Oh, why yes of course, those are my own hand carved stamps
that I used to design this  ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Make Your Own Decorative Tape

decorative tape
I have been meaning to share this with your bloggers for some time, and kept getting sidetracked. So finally here it is. After acquiescing to my new found love of washi and decorative tapes, which are all over the paper craft world these days, I wanted to create my very own to keep my purchasing more to a minimum. You may remember I did a post last August showing stamped masking tape, see it here.
Now, clearly these homemade printed tapes do not have the tissue paper feel that those lovely Japanese washi tapes have, but they look nice and are effective and economical way of adding design your collages.
So, here is the simple and creative way to make your own decorative tape. All you need is masking tape and some kind of pattern printed or stamped on paper. This is very straightforward,
1. apply the tape to the pattern paper
2. burnish well with the back of your fingernail, or use a discarded gift card.
3. remove the tape and reveal the pattern transferred to the tape.
Painted and stamped
Decorative tape    
Stamped Patterned paper
decorative tape
There you go!  Now, obviously the sticky on the tape is used so when you want to apply it to a surface you must use adhesive, such as glue stick, gel medium or matte medium.
You can use printed scrapbook paper making it super easy, like I did here with the piece on the left. 
decorative tape
I could still always use more washi tape anyway, but this is rather satisfying to make my own.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 32 Blog Giveaway, Clip-Art Freebie

Spring is getting so close and we are all enjoying unseasonably warm weather. We had a high of 74 degrees today here, north of Boston.  A pretty little green leaf border is the perfect Collage Element to welcome this lovely weather. I hope you all had a great weekend and I will resist the urge to apologize for not having this freebie posted on Friday, and say, so long for now....or, peace out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Journal Page Using Frisket

I decided to pull out an art supply that I haven't used in a long time. Frisket is a masking film that is used for stenciling and air brushing. It comes in sheets or rolls and it also comes in a liquid form called masking fluid that is used by water colorist and other artist.
The film has a slightly tacky side that gently adheres to the surface and stays in tack while building up color on the page. When easily removed it reveals a pattern where the mask was and the colorant was not. I sketched on the paper side of this film before pulling away and separating the two pieces to use the clear film as a mask. I had randomly drawn out a design similar to two of my carved stamps.
Here is an up close of the frisket paper backing and the film after I used it.
It is an easy and creative way to play using inks and sponges to make imagery. After applying enough ink and removing the film you get these contrasting designs on your paper. Next of course,  Stamping!! I stamped the stamps inside the masked design patterns. 
Using frisket film is a unique way to create pattern design and by all means another great tool for art journaling.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freebie Week 31, Purple Collage - Sharing A Favorite With You

With this week's Free Collage Elements I am sharing one of my all time favorite original collages using one of my very pretty hand carved stamps.

The purple baroque scroll pattern is an old stamp I rarely use probably because it is hidden under a growing collection of my carved stamps. I actually made this collage about seven years ago and I still really love it. That's not something I can say about all my creations. :/
So, please enjoy this lovely yummy purple collage. It think it would make gorgeous background paper in an art journal or scrapbook. As a matter of fact, I think I will print it out and use in my art journal.
 purple is my favorite color, I make no apologies. You might have noticed by looking back at some of my other Collage Elements I have given away.
Thanks for stopping by and please, if you use any of these free Collage Elements, I would love to see pictures of your work/play.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What... What? Week 30 of Freebie Collage Clip-art

Alright, here we are at week 30 of free clip-art. Holla!!!
Seriously dude (or dudette) you gotta know that is, pretty cool. 
So if you saw this post then you probably could have seen this motif coming. This large carved flower is really so much fun to play with. So, here you go, have fun playing with it too. Yes, that is a full sheet.  I know....right?
Thanks to all you new visitors I appreciate you stopping by. Please tell your friends, remember sometimes it's okay to be a follower

To download, click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.
Oh, why yes of course, those are my own hand carved stamps
that I used to design this  ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dancing Patterns in Cool Colors

*do not adjust your monitor.
Several weeks ago I was playing around with one of my favorite stamps along with some of my favorite colors of gouache. I stamped and double stamped this design in the cool hues of sage and sky blue.
My goal was to make a collection of cards for my friends who were celebrating the marriage. Even though they celebrated last month, yestrday they headed to the J.O.P. to make it official. 
So congratulations Roberto and Clara!
Today seems fitting to share this with you.
Here is what I started with and next you see what I ended up creating.
After stamping these soothing colors several times all over a sheet of card stock and also trying out a few other motifs. I decided on this design medallion to make the cards.
Here is a finished, I must say that although I am not sure how or why, the digital picture of these cards does not register well. In person they are much prettier and less confusing for the eye. Please take my word for it. And, yes I did stamp the envelopes.  
Even though the happy couple didn't want any gifts it just seemed fitting to give some paper lovelies to the Bride. 
Congrats to Roberto and Clara, even though it took you thirty years to reconnect and make this happen, I am sure it is even sweeter now. 

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