Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Perfect Gift, Hand Carved Stamps

As my daughter headed off to drama camp for three weeks she wanted to take a nice birthday gift for her bestie who celebrates her birthday while a matter of fact her birthday is today.
So, since she likes to write letters and make things we decided that she needed her own little set of hand carved stamps complete with a name stamp. I decided to mount the carved stamps (and some were tiny) on some wooden blocks for easier use. I think they turned out quite nice.  My daughter got a set of cards and envelopes from Paper Source and we purchased this set of  Color Box dye inks for her to use. These small little stacked  ink pads are called Cat's Eyes and she will be able to have a small color collection and the ink travel well. ;-).
The stamps have some residual black ink left from stamping the index on the wood, they have bee cleaned very well here and actually stamp clean.....
Of course, I had to stamp out a sweet name label to enclose in the gift set. I used a journaling tag from Creative Imaginations, called Journaler's Notebook designed by Karen Russell. I could not find a link or image to share with you.  Sorry, I am remiss in offering up a photo myself.  Anyway... I masked off the border and stamped away with pink flowers and more. I think the Eiffel tower is adorable and it is appropriate for Rachel. 
So Happy Birthday Rachel, I know Rosemary is delighted to again share this day with you while you both share the magic of camp.
ahh....I love stamping.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Free Blog Giveaway, Week 49

Of course yes, yes.....this design is also from my own hand carved stamp collection.  Using a watercolor technique, I created this simply lovely purple  flower group  This  particular Collage Element  is actually only a portion of the original that I stamped. This piece seems delightfully pretty, playful and summery. I hope you like it....and I certainly hope you  all are enjoying your summer as much as I am.
Thanks for stopping by.
Ahemm...only three more weeks of free clip-art here people, check back.
Oh yes....Go Team  USA!!!  woot-woot.

To download this hand created free-clip-art , click on the image, then right click 
and save the jpeg to your computer.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pattern Design, Stamping on Gouache

I absolutely love stamping out designs with my hand carved stamps to create surface patterns. Here is a unique style of stamping I came up with while having some creative time and wanted to share with you. The technique involves stamping on a white background of gouache. Very simple and the results are so rich and somewhat softer than you are used to seeing in stamped imagery.
My ingredients: White Titanium gouache and Distress Ink, Broken China. 
 That's it, oh yes, water and paper. 
 My utensils: a paint brush and a Q-tip. 
First, give the paper an even coat of the gouache, you will need to add a bit of water to the paint to make it more manageable to spread on the paper. Let that dry and stamp an image such as this flower that has some negative space using the ink.
The boldness of this stamp makes it an quick and easy design.
Stamp the image with the ink and let dry, which it will do quickly due to the nature of the gouache. You can see my stamped images were not really impressed evenly, and that is okay. 

Now using a Q-tip dip it in water lightly and dab off a bit because it should not be too watery. Next rub the wet Q-tip into the ink inside the stamped image. It smooths and spreads the ink into the white gouache giving it a painterly look or maybe even a pastel look. 
With this particular design I stayed inside the lines and worked inside the flower petals. Of course you could try anything. Which is what creative play time is all about, trying out different things.

Another idea I explored, was using Fantastix to add some other colored inks to replace the water & Q-tip creating other color ways.  It is not as even, but I am sure with some practice I could produce many more nice results.  Or try a WaterBrush, hmmm,  more options.
 I hope you find some time today to get creative. Thanks so much for stopping by. Check back I much more 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog Freebie, Collage Elements Week 48

Summer is here and now and I am so happy. Here are some vibrant, hot pink and orange flowers to play with in your collage and art journals. I left the orchid border along the top to give you more design options such as a journal tag or label.  And, certainly think about turning this in all directions. Have fun playing and please check out my videos. I would love to hear from you.
Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video Part 2, Book from Blotter Pad Paper, Art Studio

Hi there Bloggers, well here is the second part of my video showing how to make a book from the papers collected from you art table paper scraps. Please let me hear from you and share with your creative friends. Thanks for watching. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Logo from Hand Carved Stamp

 Creating a logo with my hand carved stamp and gouache. 
Trying different colors and styles, making sure to save all the experiments.

You can see the underlying blotter pad page, which was bound in the book. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flowers Blog Freebie, Collage Elements, Week 47

Since I have been giving away free collage clip art for almost a year now and I am down to my last five freebies to offer, I am going to honor my love for flowers. Primitive, chunky and bold, this flower border lends itself to dozens of collage or scrapbooking design ideas. And honestly, it makes me feel childlike. 
So cheers to this fabulous season of summer. I hope you are enjoying yourselves and find time to get in touch with your carefree creative matter how simple or childlike.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July, Week 46 Blog Freebie in Red White & Blue

To celebrate Independence Day here I share with you some red and blue stamped firework images for you to use as printables. 
If you saw my previous post/video showing my blotter pad papers that I have made into a book (stay tuned for a post on the finished book), then you will much better understand the images below.
Basically, as I stamp and work with different colors my blotter pad gets a lot of attention.

Now, I have to decide which stamped images to use for the free printables.

Now, about that blotter pad business.....Here are the full images, over 80.... thank you very much, of each blotter pad page, front and back, before I bound the book. Yes, I am very brave to show you my real art table....but like I said in the video, "why clean when you have time to create?"
Have a fun, safe and creative holiday. Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

My First Video, Making a Book from My Art Table Blotter Pad

Well I finally jumped on board the video caravan. Here, I present my first video, about how to use my leftover blotter pad paper from my art table and make it into a book. Of course, by the title you can see this is part one. Check back tomorrow to see the pictures of all the pages from this process. I will post them on my Flickr and trust me there are many.
Then, when I am over this summer cold I will shoot another video showing the finished book. turned out very cool. ;D
See the unbound pages here on Flickr
Thanks for watching and please share this with your artful, creative friends.

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