Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teaching Quick Carve-Holiday Style at Absolutely Everything,

Hi Everyone, I am so glad to announce that I will be teaching a 
Stamp Carving Class 
at Absolutely Everything in Topsfield 
on Saturday, December 15.
 Quick Carve, Holiday Style
 What fun it will be......
Learn how to quickly (and safely) carve a collection of basic 
holiday stamp designs.
Yes, you can learn to carve your own stamps
You will be inspired to create all kinds of lovely holiday projects.
Stamp on paper, ribbon, boxes and tags...
Carving timeless images such as holly, berries, stars,
 snowflakes, swirls and more.
In various sizes and styles
Small stamps for borders and yes, I did say stamping on ribbon...
Large stamps for stamping on bigger items...

oh and the wrapping paper ideas will be too hard to ignore
as well as all the other ideas for playing with your newly carved
holiday stamp set.
Tags and tissue paper....yes!
Nice kraft paper? bet.
And, of course card making with hand carved stamps.
For an inspiring retreat from the holiday rush
Come join me in this creative class 
to help recharge your yuletide merriment.
I hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

My sincere gratitude goes to all you out there in blog land on this Thanksgiving day. 
I appreciate you following me and the kind messages you send.  I hope you and your family have love-filled, peaceful and yummy day.

p.s. go see more designs on and send a loved one an e-greeting today.
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