Friday, December 28, 2012

Creating Art Pages

I hope that those of you who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful warm holiday.

Art journal

Blotter pad - art in the making
Now that's a full blotter pad of goodies, looks messily inviting...
and then on another page there are some areas that represent peace. 
Follow the link to my Flickr and go see more of my colorful blotter pad pages.
Blotter pad - art in the making
Here's to hoping you are finding some peaceful creative time this week.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Awesome, I am published in Sew Somerset +++

Well, I just found out that I am published in 
Sew Somerset Winter 2013.
Hallelujah! Or, as I like to say 
Since I don't have my hands on an actual copy right now I cannot tell you about the piece.
But, I have an idea so I will be following up with you, with more on this.
Anyway, Happy December 21, 2012, this should be interesting........
At least I got my teenagers out the door donned in an embellished Santa hat (15 year old son) and another in red suede boots and a bright solid green wool coat complete with a red satin bow head band (17 year old daughter). Darn I should have taken a picture. I also managed provide them with candy and home baked cookies which by the way were each colored with multi-colored frostings. 
Yay me, artist, creator and good mom.
Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your support and following. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Turquoise and Green, Stamped Tags Perfect for the Holidays

Stamped Turquoise and Green Tags
Hi there. Well here is a tag I created with these lovely colors of turquoise and sage green. Colors that are perfect for the holidays. 
Stamped Turquoise and Green Tags
Stamped Turquoise and Green Tags
Stamped Turquoise and Green Tags
Stamped Turquoise and Green Tags
First, I stamped a carved stamp in light turquoise gouache. Below is the only photo of that stamp I have...
this stamp image is from a photo of my blotter pad, you know about the "blotter pad"...? 
Oh you don't? 
Well, go see my video here (and be sure to watch the 2nd part of the video).  
Next, I stamped the medallion stamp in Lime Pastel Chalk ink by Colorbox, and it barely showed ink pad was probably a bit dry and I didn't re-ink it, so I just stamped on top with some sage colored gouache. You can see the ink under the gouache and it adds a nice ghost effect.
Oh yes, quite lovely I think and it would look so pretty with some turquoise bias tape ribbon. 
Stamped Turquoise and Green Tags
Happy Holidays. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fiber Christmas Tree Cards

Hi there bloggers, if you are looking for an easy, fun and fiber style holiday card to make this season...well, this may be just for you.
I made this set of tree cards with cotton batting, wool felt and some sticks from my yard. cute is this?
On a light blue textured card apply a piece of cotton batting, (this is Warm and Natural brand) that I tore to create an uneven edge. I glued it down with a light layer of white tacky glue and trimmed the edges.
With some 100% wool felt squares I purchased online at Erica's, they have a huge selection of colors. I like this heathered color of green and I like using wool felt instead of polyester it is so much better, my opinion.
So, I applied some fusible web to the felt squares and cut them into random triangles with pinking shears and ironed them onto each card. Then I finished them with small sticks that I split in half lengthwise so they would lye flat  when glued to the card with tacky glue. 
This is the perfect card making project for kids. Not my kids of course, they do the exaggerated eye roll when I say "Let's make something."  Anyway this design has many more embellishment ideas. 
You could use a darker color card for a night time effect. Or splatter white paint on top of the finished card for a snow fall look. And of course, you could decorate the trees with sequins, glitter, beads or embroider french knots on the tress before you adhere them. 
I hope you are inspired. Thanks for stopping by.

Stenciling in my Art Journal

So, I finally bought a stencil from the popular line by The Crafters Workshop.
I really like the design and how it turned out using it with gouache on my page with my own hand carved stamps (of course) and another stamp from Magenta. Also some washi know it.
Stencils are so mainstream right now in the crafting world and I get it. They certainly are fun to use.
I am looking forward to creating more pages using this one.
Now my journal page is ready for my many words....or maybe just a few.
Let me know what you think about using stencils.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December is Here, Let the Stamping begin...or continue.

Yes, it is December, 4th to be exact. With a few of my art journals today I stamped and explored my creative world. I used mostly my own hand carved stamps but I adore using Michelle Ward's border stamp (purple) 

Art Journals
And then I played with a very simple and small carved tree stamp and an over sized sort of grungy snowflake stamp in my Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. Notice...the tree made it on to my art journal page above??? 
Find some time (anytime) to be creative.... if you choose. 
Let's enjoy the season.

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