Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gouache + Collage + Art Journal

A page started here, with collage, gouache and of course stamping.
Art Journal with stamping and gouache
Next became this. Now ready for some words and more scribbles.
A better version

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Wonderland Art Journal Page

Winter Pink 5
Even though Christmas is over, I like to let it linger. Here is a journal page I created using gouache and my hand carved stamps. It certainly is not Christmas, but winter pink? Yes. Pink snowflakes and a patch of evergreens evoke a whimsical winter wonderland. Here is how I started it. A gouache painted background and stamping.
Winter Pink
Winter Pink 1
I adhered some small stamped papers.
Winter Pink 2
Winter Pink 4
I added snowflakes with my hand carved stamps and Twinkling H2o's and also stitched on a small stamped piece with holly leaves stamped on the same.
Winter Pink 9
Winter Pink 7
Winter Pink 10
Winter Pink 8
Winter Pink 6
Another journal page ready for my own personal words, phrase or who knows what. 
Winter Pink 5
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Leftovers from Christmas - Journal Pages

Dec 13 journal page
Here is a journal page from during the busy time of December. I liked how this page turned out.
As the week of Christmas came, upon us quickly I knew I only wanted a simple way to journal. So, I created a page spread for the week. Using small spaces to jot down the events of the week without the time obligation for filling many pages of many days.
Christmas week (2)
The colored days boxes will be filled in > no they still are not, but hey it will be quick and easy, right?
Christmas week (4)
I used Scotch double stick tape for making of the metallic foil days of the week. I never knew it would work so wonderfully. I am definitely using this again. 
Christmas week (3)
I applied a small day of the week in the middle of a strip of tape and then burnished the foil on top of that. Some even got two colors of foil. 
Week of Christmas journal page
Oh well, I guess it is time to fill this last week in before it slips away. 
Keep creating and Happy New Year!

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