Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Published - Online and in Print

Happy Summer !!!!
Well it's here and no one better be complaining about the heat, especially after that brutal winter we endured here in New England. With this warm weather I have been eating a lot of Gazpacho. It is so refreshing, satisfying and yes, healthy. This inspired me to create my first illustrated recipe and submit it to the They Draw and Cook. Guess what? They published it! 
This very cool site shares artist's and illustrator's artwork of their favorite recipes. If you love to cook or simply enjoy looking through cookbooks for ideas this site is for you. Don't forget to check out their sister site They Draw and Travel 
With my new carved pepper, tomato, garlic, citrus, bottle and onion stamps, no doubt I will be starting some more recipes, which will require more stamps to carve. That's fine by me.

Also I wanted to share some more of my pieces recently published by Stampington & Co. 
My first appearance in Art Quilting Studio, Summer 2014 where they featured my art quilt with a hooked wool design in the center. Home Sweet Home, yeah I know not a very original name but it certainly goes with this charming piece.

Next, I have a feature about stamping on gouache in 
The Stampers' Sampler
If you have been a regular visitor here you know gouache is my favorite paint in my journals and other projects. 
Stampers' even gave it a heading on the cover. I like this cover the colors are great. 

If you are looking for some true inspiration for your summertime art making, go pick up your own copies of Stampers' Sampler and Art Quilting Studio on the newsstands today.
Stamping, illustration, quilting, rug hooking and painting...just covering all the bases for my love of creating with different mediums.
Thanks for stopping by and thank you Stampington. 
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