Monday, October 6, 2014

Visual Diaries Sustain My Creativity

Summer has gone and as I reflect on my creative accomplishments in past season I reluctantly admit I didn't complete what I had hoped. But I did indeed keep moving and had many entries in my art journals. I believe that is the most important thing is to keep going, keep making art.
It doesn't matter how profound or inconsequential your artistic
effort is....because it all contributes to your creative growth.
Sometimes I have a specific expression I set out with when I open to a blank page. Other times I just want to connect with my creative self. Yes, there are times too when I am simply bored and entice myself with a new pen, paint color or newly carved stamp. Here is a collection of varied pages in a few different journals.
I almost exclusively use gouache for my paint of choice.
I don't see many mixed media artist using it but I have fallen in love 
with it. I anticipate to share more about the various and wonderful 
uses of gouache here in the future.

The page below was created because I had some left over 
acrylic paint from a project I did for my home.  I had an old faded door
mat that I brought back to life with paint. Of course instead of throwing
out the left over paint on the went right onto some pages.

Here I blurred out my words in Photoshop, (for privacy) and then this page
had some paint bleed through from another page...but I don't care.
As much as I adore using my own hand carved stamps I have been trying to do more doodle and illustration work. Recently I purchased Jenny Doh's book
Craft-a-Doodle and was inspired to try several of the doodle exercises from contributing artists
like Cori Dantini, Dawn Sokol, Carla Sonheim and 15 talented others.

I think I tried to copy too much without finding my own voice in the illustrations. 
Unquestionably, the doodling skill takes practice, as with everything we attempt in
the process of making art. I will continue to play the techniques in the this book and would 
certainly recommend it if you are interested in learning some fun and basic 
doodle illustration methods.
It is so much more rewarding to explore and develop your own artistic voice. Take what other talented and respected artists offer and make it your own.
As Jenny states in the book these "exercises are designed to infuse your creativity with
playfulness and exploration".
So I reverted back to my own expression and of course my stamps make their appearance on
the page, as they always do.
Here I explored the mixed media style of Flora Bowley, but unlike her 
I used gouache instead of acrylic which creates a different 
result throughout the process. This will take some more experimenting.
As I do that in the future I will share with you my efforts.

So, there you have a glimpse into my creative explorations lately. 
Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you too are inspired to keep the flow
of your creativity going. 

By the way, I hate to admit moments of boredom because as I tell my children "intelligent people are never bored". They won't read this so it doesn't matter. After all, I did use my 'intelligence' to cure my 'boredom' with art. ;) 
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