Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hand Carved Stamps, Tiny Stamps Post No. 2

After my last blog I knew I had more Tiny Stamps to share, besides when you title a post with No.1 you must deliver a No.2 

Okay, and I was thinking possibly a No.3

But when I got to stamping, well let's just say that I stopped stamping full pages after I finished No.5. 

Yes, I had more stamps left over, probably about another page worth. I was satisfied with my pages and I was just plum done.

Here for you today, because you stopped by is

Tiny Stamps

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

Stay tuned for the Tiny Stamps Post No.3-5

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hand Carved Stamps Tiny Stamps Post No.1

It might be a bit obvious to those who have been visiting here for awhile that I do like to utilize all of the rubber from any sheet I ever carve from. Maybe it's the culinary training and years in food service that I have the 'waste not, want not' consciousness. Being convinced to throw away or let go down the drain as little product as possible. It's called getting a high yield from your goods. So I guess that carries over into my art making world as well.

After transferring my image from tracing paper onto the rubber in the best fitting space, I cut it away from the larger piece. 

There are always scraps from this process and hold on to all the bits and pieces from the rubber I cut away.

Then I transform them into tiny stamps.

This is simply a sampling.

Some get mounted on wood, some get mounted on thick foam, some get mounted on cork and some stay unmounted. 

I think they are so much better looking on paper than as a stamp, but that's just me.

Look at this little unmounted guy, even though it's little it still can make a great impression. Forgive the pun.

So now since this post is titled Tiny Stamps Post No.1 , I guess that means I have to publish a Post No.2.

Thanks for stopping by and check back for more of my Tiny Stamps 

Monday, September 7, 2015

And.....She's Back!

Tap Tap Tap....Is This Thing On?

Okay good....where were we?

So, the last time we spoke I was telling you all about my first 100 Day Project titled Scribble Stamp Collage ... I hate the word 'challenge' when it comes to these things, sounds too painstaking. 

Well, I started and completed it but, FIRST in the category of Better Late Than Never,

  I was published!!!Dawn Sokol has a new book 

"A World of Artist Journal Pages" 

and I have two pics in there.   

Thank you Dawn and her publisher

 Stewart Tabori & Chang for including me in this terrific collection. 

It's full of inspiring creations in art journals from artists from 30 different countries.

And just because you tuned in today I am sharing the link to purchase it here

If you are an avid art journaler like I am

 you will be glad to have this book.

Back to #ScribbleStampCollage my #100DayProject on 


This was a terrific way for me to stay connected to the world while I took some time to destash and reorganize my studio. Pictures will come, I promise.

I primarily used my Moleskine notebook, and my Toned Tan (which is my new second favorite sketchbook, Moleskine will always reign supreme) and Toned Gray sketchbooks by Strathmore.

I adore the kraft paper in the toned tan sketchbook as well as the UN-perforated pages.. 

My ubiquitous moleskine was the perfect partner in this project. 

This was a great exploratory and simple project for me that 

I enjoyed more than I anticipated

You certainly would want to follow me on

Instagram just in case I decide to do something else like this 



Oh, what a great way to start the Summer.

thanks to all the goodness in the world that this happened.

That's why we all shared a collective sigh of relief and only had one word to say it all.

Since I am always carving stamps I decided that it was time for an apple.I know? Can you believe I didn't have one?This is on MooCarve.

After I carved it I played.

Something else new....

is my hand stamped patterned paper

 available for instant digital download in my Etsy shop. 

I have five  available now and zillions more on the way.

 So don't hesitate zip on over to my shop and grab some of these lovelies.

The link is on the right.

So that wraps up our much needed catch-up.Whew, I feel SOOO much better.

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate it. 


don't for get to pick-up a copy of 

"A World of Artist Journal Pages"

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